The world of Fitness is my passion and being physically active is my ZEN.







From a very young age I was drawn to sports. I loved the discipline, the challenge and the mental and physical toughness required to excel. I played most sports but soon found that running would become my sport of choice. I competed in 800m, 1500m & X-country for 15 years and earned a track scholarship to Eastern Kentucky University.

I must say that my love for sports is only one facet that describes me. Being intellectually stimulated is just as important to me as being physically active. One feeds off the other.

After Eastern Kentucky I transferred to Ottawa University where I graduated with a BSc.  in Physical Therapy.  After 12 years of practice, I now apply my knowledge as an Orthopedic Sales Representative in the Trauma & Spine divisions. I am very fortunate to have a career and a sport that I am passionate about.

In December of 2009 I decided to begin my journey into the world of fitness competition.  I must say that this whole experience has been a positive influence in my life. I have grown as a woman and wish to continue to evolve in all aspects of my life.






I have met many interesting people and have developed great friendships along the way. I feel blessed to have the support of my family and friends.  Having such a fulfilled personal life is critical to my success.

In essence, it is my love for health & wellness that inspired me to create this website.  I wanted to share my passion and the knowledge I have gained over the years as an athlete and as a Physiotherapist.  It is about learning, growing, sharing and living a healthy lifestyle year round!

As for my future, I will embrace the unknown and live life to its fullest!

I believe we personally decide what is possible to achieve and we alone must overcome the obstacles we face on the path of reaching our goals. Life is what you make it, so make it yours!



IFPA Figure Pro 




Competitive Results
WBFF Edmonton Championships Open Figure Medium 1st place
(** Awarded Pro Status)
October 2011
INBF Naturalmania – NYC Ms. Fit Body 1st place
(** Awarded Pro Status)
September 2011
WBFF World Championship – Toronto Open Figure Medium 2nd place August 2011
Fitness Universe – Miami Open Figure Medium 2nd place June 2011
UFE Chaos Open Figure 1st place May 2011
UFE Chaos Masters Figure 35 1st place May 2011
IDFA Gatineau Classic Open Figure 2nd place October 2010
IDFA Montreal Classic Open Figure 3rd place October 2010
Fitness Star  Muscular Athletic 1st place
(*Received Best Abs Award)
March 2010