Recipes: Cumin Coriander Sweet Potatoes

25 Jul 2012 | Categories: Recipes | Posted by: Michelle Price

-       4 medium sized sweet potatoes

-       2 tablespoons of olive oil

-       1 tsp. of cumin

-       2 tsp. of paprika

-       2 gloves of garlic

-       Pinch of fresh ground pepper and sea salt

-       Fresh Coriander


Preheat oven at 375 degrees

1-    Cut sweet potatoes length wise and place in a big mixing bowl

2-    Sprinkle Olive oil over sweet potatoes

3-    Add cumin, paprika, minced garlic, pepper and sea salt


Mix all together and place on a cookie sheet. Cover.

Add Fresh coriander as desired once ready.

Makes for a colorful tasty healthy dish.


Michelle Price

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